Pre-Order Taking now available!

Ever played a game where you knew…just knew that if you could have talked to the developers even a week or two before they went gold that they could have made the game so much better?

With Sins of a Solar Empire that is exactly what you’ll be able to do! Users who pre-order the game will be given access to the beta. No non-disclosures. You don’t like what we’re doing, you’re free to howl from the rooftops about it. Our job (at Ironclad and Stardock) is to make sure that the final game is as good as we can make it.

By pre-ordering and being in the beta, you can let us know what things you think needs to be tweaked. What game mechanics need refinement or even what additions you think the game makes.

That way, the final game is not just more reliable and stable but also has the balancing and tweaking that normally gamers have to wait to some post release “patch” (for those games that even do address balance after release).

The first beta is due out after the New Year.

We look forward to seeing you! Just click on the store link to pre-order. You can download it or you can have the final version sent to you in its retail box form (and still download it).

Pre order Sins of a Solar Empire now.