Ironclad Games is devoted to creating highly-polished, entertaining and marketable games. Ironclad has substantially invested in its long-term technological and artistic intellectual property plans.

Our Work

We launched our first title Sins of a Solar Empire® in February 2008 which we created using our own propriety technology – the Iron Engine and the Forge Tool Suite. Since then, the Sins of a Solar Empire franchise has expanded numerous times including Entrenchment, Diplomacy, Rebellion, Forbidden Worlds, Stellar Phenomena, Outlaw Sectors, Minor Factions in addition to over a decade of free updates.

Our Experience

Ironclad’s team members have worked successfully with a number of entertainment based companies such as Sierra Studios, Take2 Interactive / Rockstar Games, Disney Interactive, and Demonware / Activision Blizzard.


Ironclad Games is located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.