Vote for Ironclad

Ironclad Games is up against 64 developers in The Escapist’s 2009 March Mayhem: Developer’s Showdown! Ironclad is currently slated against Sony Online Entertainment.

Blair Fraser Interviews with Gamers with Jobs

Gamers with Jobs has recently posted an interview with Ironclad’s Blair Fraser to discuss all things Sins of a Solar Empire. This is a phone interview, so strap on your headphones or power-up your speakers and head over to the …

Crispy Gamer Interviews Blair Fraser About Entrenchment®

Crispy Gamer has published an interview with Ironclad Games’ Blair Fraser discussing Sins of a Solar Empire: Entrenchment. In the interview, author Tom Chick questions Blair on why the decision was made to focus on turtling and much more. Click …

Tom VS Bruce

The very last Tom VS Bruce that went unpublished at the fold of the Games for Windows Magazine.