Gamespot gets a peak at Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy®

“Diplomacy will, like the last microexpansion, Entrenchment, sell for $9.95 and will offer new gameplay content to the space strategy game. Diplomacy will add new interfaction diplomacy features and new diplomatic tech-tree options to research, including the ability to form …

Sins of a Solar Empire®: Game of the Year Box

Sins-GOTY-3DboxIronclad and Stardock launch the new Sins of a Solar Empire Game of the Year Box

Ironclad makes Top 50 Game Developers List

gamedev_top50Game Developer magazine and initiated a survey with over 600 professionals in the industry to evaluate 150+ developers. Combined with sales data and other metrics, a top 50 developers list was created. Ironclad is honored to be recognized among such fine company.

GameVortex reviews Entrenchment®: 95%

“From the first moment I touched Sins of a Solar Empire, I knew it was a very awesome game that was going to set a high standard in not only its genre, but in gameplay et al. I was happy …