Stardock Entertainment to Publish Sins of a Solar Empire

Ironclad Games is happy to announce that Stardock Entertainment, the creators of Galactic Civilizations, will publish Sins of a Solar Empire – expected release, February 2008. Stardock is an exceptionally natural fit for Sins and Ironclad. They have a genuine …

Sins of a Solar Empire Preview at IGN

IGN posted its first Sins preview on the day of our official publishing announcement. Read it here.

Press Release Sins of a Solar Empire Announced

IGN introduces Ironclad and Sins of a Solar Empire to the world. Read the IGN press release.

Official Sins Teaser Trailer!

For many years, the human race has expanded into the galaxy as a vast commercial empire of independents. Now, that long peace has come to an end as two threats converge together at once. The Sins of each civilization now …