Interview with Killer Betties

Blair Fraser describes to Killer Betties how each of the three races, the TEC, Advent, and Vasari, each have their own play styles with different, ships, weapon types, research topics, special abilities and planet structures. Read the full interview here.

First Impressions with GameSpy

“Everything in the game happens in real-time, but its scale is as massive as you’d expect from a turn-based empire builder. You can appreciate its scale in very practical terms, too — you can focus, to levels of excruciating detail, …

1UP Previews: Sins of a Solar Empire®

1UP discovers the seamless transition as they describe controlling an individual fighter squad one moment and directing your defenses around another planet across the galaxy the next. Read the entire article at 1UP.

Pre-Order Taking now available!

Ever played a game where you knew…just knew that if you could have talked to the developers even a week or two before they went gold that they could have made the game so much better? With Sins of a …