1UP.com Posts Sins of a Solar Empire® Preview & Interview

1UP has posted the preview from Games For Windows magazine (May issue) Check it out here: 1UP Preview.

Real-Time Strategy Road Map at Gamespot

Sins of a Solar Empire places third in GameSpot’s list of the major RTS games to keep an eye on this year. “Because multiple battles can flare up all over the galactic map, managing all this mayhem is an interesting …

Games For Windows Magazine Preview

Matt Peckham of Games for Windows Magazine writes, “On a dim starlit map, scores of planets twirl in place like floating cat’s-eyes. Between two, a miniature battalion of ships inches along a colored line until it reaches its destination, popping …

Stardock Entertainment and Ironclad Games® unveil Beta 1

Sins of a Solar Empire, the innovative “RT4X” strategy game is now available for Beta testing. Check out the forum press release. Preorder the game to access the Beta (limited time).