Sins of a Solar Empire: REBELLION RELEASE!: – Sins of a Solar Empire: REBELLION earns Top Notch Reviews

Rebellion_BoxSins of a Solar Empire: REBELLION RELEASE!: – Sins of a Solar Empire: REBELLION earns Top Notch Reviews
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9/10 RTSGURU – “VERY solid 4X strategy title. ” …Read More

5/5 Stars TOM CHICK – “ I’ve always thought Sins of a Solar Empire is an absolutely gorgeous game. ” …Read More

86/100 PC GAMER – “Bigger and more stable than ever, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion will happily strip-mine your life of its free time.” …Read More

4.5/5 Stars Editor’s Choice GAMESPY – “Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion is an outstanding and unique real-time strategy game.” …Read More

8.5/10 STRATEGYINFORMER – “…this is the ultimate version of Sins of a Solar Empire…” …Read More

89/100 GAMING TREND – “The Sins of a Solar Empire franchise is well-established at this point, and arguably the head of the pack in the 4x realtime sci-fi strategy niche.” …Read More

GAMEING NEXUS – “Sins of a Solar Empire has achieved near-legendary status in the 4X community”” …Read More

ROCK PAPER SHOTGUN – “Bubbling red stars hiss and flare and burp like fierce gods with stellar heartburn, often frighteningly close. This is the first ‘ooo’. ” …Read More

GAMES RADAR – “’Epic’ feels too inadequate a word to describe the massive space battles that pulse like lifeblood through the heart of Sins of a Solar Empire.” …Read More

GAMETRAILERS.COM – “ Four years later, [SINS is] still one of the best strategy experiences available on the market, and Rebellion steps up the already impressive ante with new ships, graphical updates, and an armada of tweaks. ” …Read More

Sins of a Solar Empire®

GameSpy: What have been some of the biggest criticisms of Rebellion that you’ve seen on your end amongst the Sins community and how are you addressing it?

Producer Chris Bray: We’re lucky in that the Sins community is absolutely AMAZING about providing helpful feedback, bug reports, etc. It’s so good you almost forget you’re on the internet. One thing we’ve gotten plenty of feedback on are the new corvette units. They started off cheap to produce, but not very effective. We’ve updated them over the course of the beta to pack a better punch, but also to carry a bit more cost to balance things out. We’re continuing to keep an eye on when and how players are using them over the course of a game.

Particle Effects Artist

Particle Effects Artist- Do you get excited by explosions, heavenly rays of light, fire, smoke, swooshes, spells, lightning, environmental effects, impact bursts and all things that go boom? Are you a self-motivated generalist who enjoys working with a small and highly skilled team?

Ironclad is in the middle of a revolutionary new game and now is your opportunity to make your mark with stunning particle effects, environmental awesomeness, and 2D mastery.