NEW DLC for Sins of a Solar Empire: REBELLION® – OUTLAW SECTORS

Challenge yourself with new strategies and unique setups with the new “Outlaw Sectors” gameplay option and brand new maps. The variety of map sizes and designs will let you enjoy any kind of match you want, from intimate 1v1 duels all the way to epic 10-player brawls.

Smuggling Specialization: Choose this planetary development to grab a cut of everyone’s trade
income – but at a cost. The increased corruption from this black market activity will reduce that planet’s tax income.

Rampant Militias: Autonomous planetary militias will grow, raid nearby systems, and repopulate over time. Use them to help defend your worlds, or coordinate your attacks with their strikes for maximum impact.

Pirate Turf: Vicious when in their home sector, pirates can now raid multiple players simultaneously, drastically changing the art of the bidding war. And, just to make sure they are fully motivated to do what they do best, all credits spent on bounties will receive an automatic bonus.

New Maps: Power Struggle, Slim Pickings Crossfire, High Stakes, Ironheart, Titans of Cimtar, Death Spiral, Dogfight, Buzzsaw, Rising Empires, and Desolation.




ForbidenWorldsThe war between the loyalists and the rebels within the TEC, Advent and Vasari continues within the depths of Trader Space. Yet, this sector of the galaxy has far more worlds and far more history than any of the factions are aware. Survival forces each to expand into the unknown, discovering worlds of hazard, wealth, risk, and mystery. Most ominously, the Trader factions have been loathe to expand to these worlds due to the dark myths that surround them.

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