Ironclad Games is devoted to creating highly-polished, entertaining and marketable games. Ironclad has substantially invested in its long-term technological and artistic intellectual property plans.

Our Team

The Ironclad team is composed of highly qualified professionals that hail from several diverse fields including game design, software engineering, research and scholarship, traditional and digital art design, sound and music, web development, business, and marketing.

Our Work

We launched our first title Sins of a Solar Empire in February 2008 which we created using our own propriety technology – the Iron Engine and the Forge Tool Suite. Players can connect to multiplayer in Sins via Ironclad Online (ICO), our matchmaking, player ranking, and statistic tracking service. Since then, the Sins of a Solar Empire franchise has expanded numerous times including Entrenchment, Diplomacy, Rebellion, Forbidden Worlds, Stellar Phenomena, and Outlaw Sectors in addition to almost a decade of free updates.

Our Experience

Ironclad’s team members have worked successfully with a number of entertainment based companies such as Sierra Studios, Take2 Interactive / Rockstar Games, Disney Interactive, TNT Television, The Cartoon Network and Mattel.


Ironclad Games is located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.